Carl T. Musselman's Back-Aft Models:

Specializing in products for the modelers of USS Barnegat AVP-10 class of small seaplane tenders. Back-Aft Models and have been created out of an obsessive enthusiasm for the United States Navy's USS Barnegat AVP-10 class of small seaplane tenders which served prominently during World War II and for two decades afterwards.

USS Barnegat AVP-10 Class Seaplane Tenders:

P.T. Dockyard at

David Gregory explains the development of his model-making enterprise. The PT Dockyard started out as way for me to fill in some holes in my new Skytrex 1/600 coastal collection. Tired of looking for old Fleetline 1/1200 coastals, the Skytrex kits came to my attention in 1992. Starting with German MFP "F-lighters", I did a few of the oddball stuff like the Soviet MO4 and Italian MAS and cast them for my own use.

With the help of a good friend who taught me how to do RTV molds and urethane casting, the Dockyard opened for business in 1997 with 12 boats. In selecting subjects, I have strived to fill gaps in the available miniatures for 1/600 coastal gamers. Additionally, I have an interest in the boats that were relatively unknown to those who study coastal warfare. Hence, you will find things like Romanian craft, Finnish MTBs,unique variants of German S-boats and coastal escorts, and Yugoslavian Partisan boats!